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Drain Repair Service

There is one problem that every home-owner faces every now and then. It is the dreadful drain clogging problem. You may have had a fair share of drain clogs; leaky pipes and water backup from tub or shower. But, do not worry. The days of drain problems are over. Pour Concrete, Toronto’s reputed emergency drain repair service and licensed plumbing contractor, will clean drains and ensure that they do not clog.

Pour Concrete, Licensed Plumbing Contractor, uses the Safe Way of Drain Cleaning

Pour Concrete understands that pouring harmful chemicals in the drain can not only damage the pipes but they can also harm your health. We provide effective plumbing services without any use of chemicals and ensure that your home and its belongings remain safe and healthy.

Pour Concrete’s trained and licensed plumbers follow a number of techniques in cleaning drains such as:

Cleaning Drains by Rootering or Snaking

  • Cleaning Drains by Rootering or Snaking

In this technique, a machine equipment called “rooter”, “plumbing snake” or a “drain auger” is pushed down the drain to remove blockage. Pour Concrete possesses a large variety of the “rooter” machine to ensure that we clean each and every part of the drain. Read more

Cleaning Drains by Hydro-Jetting

  • Cleaning Drains by Hydro-Jetting

If the water is released at high pressure, it has the potential to remove the most difficult clogging. Cleaning the drains with the help of a hydro-jet helps us remove blockage in smallest of places such as sink or toilet bowl without any damage to pipes. Read more

Pour Concrete – The Favorite Drain Repair Contractor of Toronto

Pour Concrete provides a plethora of benefits to home-owners. You must choose the GTA-based company for drainage repair and plumbing services because of the following reasons:

  • Emergency service available in GTA
  • Plumbing expertise
  • Wide experience
  • Licensed plumbing contractor
  • Detailed budget proposal for zero surprises
  • Guaranteed work

Pour Concrete has plumbers who will leave no stone unturned in providing you the best plumbing service. Our plumbing license will help you in obtaining plumbing subsidies and rebates offered by the local government such as the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. Read more

So, when it comes to drainage problems, choose Toronto’s reliable drainage repair contractor. Call Pour Concrete on 647-368-6206. You can also inquire online and get ready to put an end to plumbing problems.

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