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Drain Cleaning by Rooter/Sewer Snake

We all know that water can ruin your home and if that water comes out through drains, it becomes all the more perilous. But, do not worry about drainage problems, leaking pipes and water back-up anymore. Pour Concrete, the experienced drainage repair contractor of Toronto, provides efficient solution to drain clogging.

Pour Concrete provides Efficient Drain Rootering Service in Toronto

If water clogging and blockage is caused in more than one area of your home, it means that the main drain is in trouble. And, plunger cannot be effective in unclogging the main drain. So, the GTA-based general contractor uses rootering technique to clear blockage.

It involves using electric equipment called a “rooter”, “plumbing snake” or “drain auger”. The equipment consists of a long and flexible metal cable with changeable metal bits/cutter.

When there is a blockage issue, “plumbing snake” or the “rooter” is led down the drain until it reaches the blockage. The attached metal bit/cutter clears the clog and solves your problem.

Pour Concrete is an Expert at Cleaning Drains with Drain Rooter and Sewer Snake

Pour Concrete has a reputed team of expert plumbers with wide experience of providing drainage repair services to residential homes and commercial properties of Greater Toronto Area. Because of our experience and expertise, we know that all drains are not equal and each drain requires a different type of “plumbing snake.” So, we have a large number of “plumbing snake” or “drain auger” with multiple cables and cutters.

Why Choose Pour Concrete for Cleaning Drains with a Drain Rooter?

Pour Concrete understands that water back-up and drain clogging can cause harm to the health of your home and your family. If you are looking for someone who leaves no stone unturned in rootering the drain, Pour Concrete is your best choice because:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Immediate assistance
  • Licensed plumbing crew
  • Budget-friendly services

Pour Concrete’s talented plumbers have enough experience of working the “rooter” machine in different conditions. Don’t worry if the blockage has caused flooding. We are competent to handle the machine in such situations.

Pour Concrete’s expert drain rootering service is effective for smaller blockages caused by debris and dirt as well as for major clogging caused by tree roots. Our experienced drain repair team will go the extra mile in providing you with an efficient solution to the problem of drainage. For quick services in Toronto or any other area of GTA, call us on 647-368-6206 or obtain an online free estimate.

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