Evaluating the Cracks in your Home

Evaluating the Cracks in your Home
January 20, 2016

A stronger home means a safer family.

If your home is strong, it can sustain the harsh impact of weather and keep your family safe. But, if it becomes weak due to multiple cracks in the structure, it can become hazardous to the safety of your family members.

Cracks are not only unappealing, but they are also precarious to the foundation of your home. But, is every crack a danger for your home?

Do all Cracks damage the Foundation of a Home?

Concrete tends to expand and shrink due to changes in moisture and temperature. And, it can cause unsightly cracks in your home. But, all the cracks that you find in your home do not damage the foundation.

How to evaluate a Crack in the Concrete Structure?

The most common parameter for evaluating a crack in the concrete structure is its width. If the crack is wider than 1/4th inch, it can cause damage to the concrete structure. Remember that if a dime can fit into the crack, get it examined by a concrete contractor.

Evaluating Cracks in a Home

If the crack isn’t wide enough, there are several others factors that should be considered while evaluating it:

Is the crack static?

Do not worry if the crack in the concrete structure is static. But, if you notice that the crack is widening day by day, it could manifest a structural problem.

Is the damage limited to a specific area?

If there are only a few cracks in a specific area, you need not worry about them. But, if you see multiple cracks in several rooms of your home, it indicates a major problem.

Is the crack hazardous in nature?

Is the crack in the floor wide enough to cause a tripping hazard? If it has the potential to harm you or your family member, it is important to call a concrete contractor immediately.

Does the crack leak?

Is the crack in the concrete structure wide enough to allow moisture or water into your home? If yes, it should be immediately repaired by calling a waterproofing contractor because it can weaken the foundation of your home.

Is the crack becoming an eye-sore for you?

If the crack is located in a high-visibility area, it can make your home unappealing. So, if you want to keep your home beautiful, you can contact a concrete contractor and repair it instantly.

Contact the Expert

If you are unable to evaluate the cracks in your home, contact a concrete contractor. He/she is experienced in dealing with cracks on a daily basis and will provide a durable solution to your problem.

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