Interior Basement Waterproofing

Water is life!

It is essential for your body but dangerous for your home. Dampness on internal walls of the basement can weaken the structure of your home. It has the potential to deteriorate the foundation. If your home is susceptible to water damage, it is important to call the experts.

Pour Concrete is a trusted basement waterproofing contractor. The company has successfully handled interior basement waterproofing projects for many residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area. We advise interior basement waterproofing in the following situations:
  • When exterior waterproofing is impossible
  • When you need affordable waterproofing solution
  • When the basement is not finished
  • When the internal walls and floors of the basement are exposed

Pour Concrete provides Best Solution for Waterproofing Basement

The experts of Pour Concrete have the primary goal of waterproofing your basement from inside. We work hard to turn your damp basement into a delightful place. We scrutinize the damage and provide you with suitable waterproofing solutions such as:

Sump Pump Installation

Installing a sump pump will reduce the hydrostatic pressure around the foundation of your home and reduce moisture as well as water infiltration. Sump pumps are recommended to optimize drainage system and to keep the weeping tiles clear.

Weeping Tile Installation

Weeping tiles drain the water that pools at the foundation of your home. It is an affordable substitute to traditional foundation excavation and external waterproofing.

Polyurethane Injection in the Cracks

It is one of the least expensive methods for repairing leakages in a basement. It is ideal for a poured concrete structure. The task of injecting the cracks with polyurethane is easy and quick because no digging is required. We also do epoxy injection in the cracks.

Sealants and Waterproof Coatings

If the cracks in the basement are the reason for wet floors, Pour Concrete will use high quality sealants and waterproof coatings to seal the cracks. This technique works best when the hydrostatic pressure is not very strong.

When it comes to quality inside basement waterproofing solutions, Pour Concrete is the contractor that every homeowner of Greater Toronto Area trusts. Not only do we provide affordable services, but we also ensure that our waterproofing solution lasts as long as your home does.

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